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Plantar Fasciitis Specialist

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Anyone who suffers through plantar fasciitis knows of the stabbing, burning pain that accompanies the condition in the morning, after the fascia tightens up overnight, or after long periods on their feet. The good news is that Dr. Varveris and the professionals at PhysioNetics in Naples, Florida, have the tools and training to easily treat this painful condition.

Plantar Fasciitis Q & A

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. When the portion of the tissue attaching to the heel becomes irritated and swollen, it causes intense pain in the heel. This pain is usually at its worst in the morning, easing up as the patient moves. Those who stand or walk for long periods may feel pain later in the day as well. There’s generally no fascia pain during exercise, though it may return later.

The plantar fascia is the shock absorber along the bottom of the foot and arch. When overworked, irritation and swelling occur. Causes for this often aren’t clear, but risk factors associated with the condition include:

  • Jobs with long hours standing, such as teaching, factory work, and food service
  • Age and body weight
  • Foot mechanics, including flat feet, high arches, gait and weight distribution
  • Activity and exercise, such as aerobic and ballet dance, running and other high-impact activities

How do Dr. Varveris and her team treat plantar fasciitis?

The Alter-G antigravity treadmill provides an effective diagnostic tool for creating a course of treatment matched to each patient. Gait analysis frequently reveals mechanical issues behind plantar fasciitis.

There are several treatment techniques to which plantar fasciitis responds well. Dr. Varveris favors radial pulse therapy—also known as shockwave therapy—which delivers deep pulses through the skin to stimulate healing of the plantar fascia. The Graston Technique uses tool-assisted tissue manipulation to produce similar relief, as does a soft tissue oscillator. Electrical stimulation techniques, such as the Dolphin NeuroStim and iontophoresis, often prove useful. Dr. Varveris is also certified in the use of Kinesio Tape®, a special cotton tape product that supports injured areas and promotes healing.

Will I require special shoes?

While orthotics, arch supports, and cushioned insoles might assist in treatment, each patient and diagnosis vary. Dr. Varveris assesses the need for alternative footwear on a case by case basis, usually after treatment begins.


Although PhysioNetics Physical Therapy is an in-network provider with some health insurance companies, we are out of network with many others. Many insurance companies require providers to accept 30-40% less than the Physician Fee Schedule rates for their services if they become in network providers. Other physical therapy clinics decide to accept these reduced payments and see more patients with less one-on-one treatment time to make up for the decrease in income. We at PhysioNetics do not consider these viable options. Each of our patients is scheduled for an exclusive appointment time with a licensed physical therapist during which time they receive one-on-one physical therapy care tailored exclusively for them. Unlike other clinics, we utilize the latest technologies in rehabilitation services to facilitate faster recovery, which in the long run will cost you less out of pocket expenses. Since we will not compromise on our level of care, we are unable to accept most insurance contracts. Often times our cash fee is less than your in-patient co-pay requirements. We will be happy to provide you with the proper forms and paperwork for you to submit your claims if you wish to do so. Typically, for patients with high deductibles and copays, it is more cost-effective to pay our cash-pay rates. PhysioNetics sets itself apart from other clinics on the basis of quality of care and we are confident that after your first visit you will realize that you made the right decision to choose us over perhaps an in-network provider. We are sure you will not be disappointed! What is your health, wellness and quality of life worth?