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Neck Pain Specialist

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Neck pain is particularly distracting and uncomfortable, and since your whole body relies on signals traveling through your neck, neck health is particularly important. Simple things such as posture, mechanics, work habits and stress contribute to neck pain, as do injury and accidents. Fortunately, most patients respond well to treatment. Once pain comes under control, Dr. Varveris and the PhysioNetics team work with the patient to break the cycle of recurring pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

How is neck pain treated?

Treatment often depends on what originally caused the neck pain. Many problems improve naturally, though there is a cumulative and progressive pattern for most people. Both neck and back pain grow in severity without changes to body mechanics. Where there’s not a degenerative condition, such as with sprains, strains, golf or other sports injuries, permanent relief of neck pain remains the ultimate goal.

For acute pain that lasts less than a week, manual therapy and radial pulse therapy prove effective. When neck pain reaches the subacute stage or chronic stages—anywhere from 2 weeks to months—more aggressive treatment techniques help break up fascia scarring, promoting long-term healing. Dr. Varveris and Dr. Smith are both certified in the Graston Technique. This is a deep tissue manipulation using tools to work the fascia in the affected area, stimulating blood flow and improving conditions for long-term healing. MyoKinesthetic release and mechanical spinal traction also augment other treatments, and cold light laser also proves effective.

How does the clinic prevent recurrence?

While pain relief is, of course, the immediate goal, Dr. Varveris isn’t satisfied until there’s no recurrence of the condition. Breaking the neck pain cycle requires educating the body through spinal stabilization. This usually starts with posture and lifestyle changes, including instruction in body mechanics. Sleeping, sitting and standing postures receive analysis and counseling.

Progressive strengthening and flexibility exercises—many of them yoga-based—provide most patients with continued relief and ongoing freedom from further pain episodes.

Does the clinic offer continued support after my neck pain episode ends?   

Yes. Not only does PhysioNetics follow up with a progressive exercise plan, their facilities can complement the exercises one does at home. The AlterG stabilizing treadmill permits pain-free workouts by transferring weight away from the lower body, reducing impact strain and compression stress throughout the body.

Left untreated, neck pain occurs again and frequently gets worse over time. Treatment and prevention in the early stages often interrupt the cycle. Let Dr. Varveris and the team at PhysioNetics end your cycle of neck pain.


Although PhysioNetics Physical Therapy is an in-network provider with some health insurance companies, we are out of network with many others. Many insurance companies require providers to accept 30-40% less than the Physician Fee Schedule rates for their services if they become in network providers. Other physical therapy clinics decide to accept these reduced payments and see more patients with less one-on-one treatment time to make up for the decrease in income. We at PhysioNetics do not consider these viable options. Each of our patients is scheduled for an exclusive appointment time with a licensed physical therapist during which time they receive one-on-one physical therapy care tailored exclusively for them. Unlike other clinics, we utilize the latest technologies in rehabilitation services to facilitate faster recovery, which in the long run will cost you less out of pocket expenses. Since we will not compromise on our level of care, we are unable to accept most insurance contracts. Often times our cash fee is less than your in-patient co-pay requirements. We will be happy to provide you with the proper forms and paperwork for you to submit your claims if you wish to do so. Typically, for patients with high deductibles and copays, it is more cost-effective to pay our cash-pay rates. PhysioNetics sets itself apart from other clinics on the basis of quality of care and we are confident that after your first visit you will realize that you made the right decision to choose us over perhaps an in-network provider. We are sure you will not be disappointed! What is your health, wellness and quality of life worth?