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Knee Pain Specialist

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No matter what causes knee pain, whether it’s a meniscus injury, arthritis, ligament damage or even knee replacement recovery, Dr. Varveris and the team at PhysioNetics in Naples, Florida can help relieve your pain and improve motion. The nature of knee pain dictates the best treatment options, and physiotherapy supports medical and surgical treatment on the road to relief and recovery.

Knee Pain Q & A

What symptoms accompany knee pain?

Since the knee is subject to several different injury types, symptoms will vary, appear alone or in combination with others. The most common symptoms include:

  •         Joint stiffness and limited range of motion
  •         An inability to completely extend the knee and straighten the leg
  •         Inflammation and swelling which may be in different spots for various disorders
  •         Redness accompanied by a warm to the touch feeling
  •         Instability and weakness causing the knee to “give out” easily
  •         Cracking, popping or crunching noises

What commonly causes symptoms and pain in the knee?

The knee and the area surrounding the joint has many components, bones, ligaments, cartilage and the cushioning bursa sac. Injuries to any of these may cause knee problems. Among the more common knee conditions are:

  •         Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL): Frequently sports related, an injury usually stemming from sudden direction changes
  •         Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout causing knee pain
  •         Bursitis: Caused by inflammation of the bursa sacs of the knee
  •         Broken bones: Any of the bones of the knee joint may suffer fractures
  •         Meniscus tears: Resulting from twists while bearing weight on the knee
  •         Patellofemoral syndrome: Refers to general pain around the patella and femur
  •         Tendinitis: An injury often resulting from sports participation

How are knee problems treated at PhysioNetics?

While treatment depends on the nature of the knee pain, Dr. Varveris and her team use a variety of techniques. Inflammation and swelling respond well to soft tissue oscillators, while cold light lasers stimulate deep tissue to promote healing. Scarring in the soft tissue around the knee is a candidate for Graston technique manipulations and radial pulse treatment. PhysioNetics can help with post-surgery knee replacement rehabilitation. The Alter G anti-gravity treadmill permits aerobic exercise after injury, or surgery with a fully adjustable weight bearing function to protect the injured knee.


Although PhysioNetics Physical Therapy is an in-network provider with some health insurance companies, we are out of network with many others. Many insurance companies require providers to accept 30-40% less than the Physician Fee Schedule rates for their services if they become in network providers. Other physical therapy clinics decide to accept these reduced payments and see more patients with less one-on-one treatment time to make up for the decrease in income. We at PhysioNetics do not consider these viable options. Each of our patients is scheduled for an exclusive appointment time with a licensed physical therapist during which time they receive one-on-one physical therapy care tailored exclusively for them. Unlike other clinics, we utilize the latest technologies in rehabilitation services to facilitate faster recovery, which in the long run will cost you less out of pocket expenses. Since we will not compromise on our level of care, we are unable to accept most insurance contracts. Often times our cash fee is less than your in-patient co-pay requirements. We will be happy to provide you with the proper forms and paperwork for you to submit your claims if you wish to do so. Typically, for patients with high deductibles and copays, it is more cost-effective to pay our cash-pay rates. PhysioNetics sets itself apart from other clinics on the basis of quality of care and we are confident that after your first visit you will realize that you made the right decision to choose us over perhaps an in-network provider. We are sure you will not be disappointed! What is your health, wellness and quality of life worth?