Physical Therapy for Migraines

Physiotherapy for Migraines. Physionetics Clinic located in Naples, Florida Of the more than 37 million Americans suffering from migraine headaches, nearly 5 million have at least 1 episode a month. Fully 91% of those experiencing migraine pain can’t function normally or go to work. A disproportionate level of migraine patients are women. While causes behind migraines aren’t fully understood, Dr. Varveris and the team at PhysioNetics in Naples, Florida, have several treatment options that can relieve or reduce migraine symptoms.

What are the most common migraine symptoms?

Often mistaken for sinus issues or other headaches, migraines are sometimes hard to diagnose, and may be seen as symptoms of other conditions. The most common symptoms, ranked in order of frequency are:

Who is most likely to experience migraines?

Prior to adolescence, migraines seem to favor boys, but once into the teen years, when migraines most frequently begin, it becomes a female issue. Women are 3 times more likely to have migraines than men, and it's most common in those between the ages of 35-55.

The severity of episodes tends to decrease with age and, once into the 50s, few people start to suffer from migraines. There appears to be a genetic connection of these headaches running in families.

What treatments provide relief during migraine episodes?

Many pain relief techniques used at the PhysioNetics clinic prove effective for migraine sufferers. Manual physiotherapy manipulations, myofascial release techniques, and soft tissue mobilization usually make up the first course of treatment. Soft tissue oscillation and electrotherapy using the Dolphin NeuroStim provide more aggressive treatment while remaining non-invasive. The Zimmer Class IV cold light laser also offers relief for those with migraines.

Though it's often difficult to function while in the middle of a migraine episode, treatment at the PhysioNetics clinic by Dr. Varveris and her team may reduce pain and shorten the length of a migraine episode. Call or make an appointment online at PhysioNetics during the earliest sign of migraine onset. Dr. Varveris and her state of the art team are here to help treat or reduce your migraine symptoms.

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