Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

What symptoms accompany knee pain?

Physical Theapy / Physio Knee Pain Treatment in Naples, FloridaSince the knee is subject to several different injury types, symptoms will vary, appear alone or in combination with others. The most common symptoms include:

What commonly causes symptoms and pain in the knee?

The knee and the area surrounding the joint has many components, bones, ligaments, cartilage and the cushioning bursa sac. Injuries to any of these may cause knee problems. Among the more common knee conditions are:

How are knee problems treated at PhysioNetics?

While treatment depends on the nature of the knee pain, Dr. Varveris and her team use a variety of techniques. Inflammation and swelling respond well to soft tissue oscillators, while cold light lasers stimulate deep tissue to promote healing. Scarring in the soft tissue around the knee is a candidate for Graston technique manipulations and radial pulse treatment. PhysioNetics can help with post-surgery knee replacement rehabilitation. The Alter G anti-gravity treadmill permits aerobic exercise after injury, or surgery with a fully adjustable weight bearing function to protect the injured knee.

Alter-G Anti gravity Physical Therapy

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