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Align Clinic & PhysioNetics PT

Wood Cheneau Rigo (WCR®) Brace Evaluation, Follow-up & Fitting Clinic

WCR® Evaluation, Fit, & Follow-up Clinic

Saturday, December 15th and Sunday the 16th

This WCR® Brace clinic is for patients who are being fit with new WCR® braces, evaluated for new braces or follow-up appointments of existing patients. If you would like to fit with a WCR® brace at this clinic, please contact Lynn so she can evaluate, measure & scan 4 weeks prior to the clinic. We also welcome any MDs and new patients that may want to learn about the WCR® brace or Schroth Physical Therapy.

Hosted by Niki Varveris, PT, DPT, MSPT, MBA


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Naples, FL 34109

(239) 593-4348

To schedule an appointment, please call Align Clinic of WI at 920-940-5277 or email Lynn at Visit our websites at and


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