• Proper Pelvic Floor Muscle Activation- The breath work

    on Nov 2nd, 2017

When asked to show me how you do a “kegel exercise”, about 80% of my patients perform it incorrectly. In fact, most often they perform the exact opposite what should be done, thus potentially making their pelvic floor dysfunction worse! I like to refer to “kegel exercises” as pelvic floor muscle (PFM) activation. Before we discuss how to perform a proper PFM activation, it is worth mentioning who could benefit from these exercises:

A successful PFM activation program depends on performing the technique properly and on a regular basis. The beauty of this exercise program is that once you know how to do it correctly, you can perform it anywhere and anytime. Although initially it is recommended to set aside a specific time and complete the exercises in a quiet space.

First thing first- I like to start with a quick examination and instruction on the breath.

Engaging the Transverse Abdominis (TrA) muscle. In the previous blog, we discussed how the TrA is a key component of the front of the trunk (the box). Learning to engage this muscle will help recruit and co-activate the PFMs.

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