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Links PhysioFit proudly uses the ML 830 DC cold light laser system. PhysioFit proudly uses the TQ solo portable cold light laser. PhysioFit is proud to announce the first Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill® in Naples, FL. The Alter-G gets you all the gain without any of the pain! Call us now at (239) 593-4348 to schedule your free 10 minutes Alter-G trial! Empi is the leading distributor of electrical stimulation and other orthopedic products used for pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, fitness and sport performance enhancement. PhysioFit has a strong relationship with Empi and is a distributor of their electrical stimulation and pain management products. - PhysioFit is proud to be trained in the Balance Wear  system. The therapists at PhysioFit recommend patients with lower back and neck pain purchase the "neck and back support pillow" made by Pure-Life, Inc to use when sitting and relaxing to reduce the pressure on the spine. - Dr. Varveris is proud to be the only Physical Therapist in Naples, FL trained in this technique. - Dr. Varveris has completed her course work at ARI towards becoming a Certified Equine Physical Rehabilitation Specialist. Niki Varveris is the physical therapist of choice for the Show Team at Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center. She also performs physical therapy on the horses who are in need of rehabilitation.
 PhysioFit is a proud member of the Florida Physical Therapy Association. 

  PhysioFit is a proud member of the American Physical Therapy Assocation

 DJO, Inc. is a leading global provider of high quality orthopedic devices, with a braod range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. PhysioFit is a proud supplier of DJO's Procare, DonJoy and Aircast products. PhysioFit has a strong working relationship with the neurologists at Collier Neurological Specialists. PhysioFit works closely with Dr. Michael Varveris, Medical Director of the Heart Attack Prevention Institue. PhysioFit proudly uses the Apollo Model AP2-PT cold light laser.

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